Snapshot Version 3.1 Free

Make use of a screen capture utility to get well-defined screenshots of your desktop

Tools for capturing screenshots of your desktop are available in a bounty. But selecting the right one that works according to your needs is the difficult part. If you are looking for a screen-capture utility that is easy to use and master, then Snapshot would appeal to you almost immediately. The program’s interface is not something which you like in an instant, but it is enough to get the job done. There is a separate viewing area provided to the user where you can see the latest screenshot that you captured. By using hot keys, you have the ability to capture the entire desktop from top to bottom. Or else, you can use the active window to capture only specific areas of the monitor.

After capturing the image, you can have it transferred to Paint or any other image editor which you would like to use. There is also an option to email the screenshot or share it through FTP. By mentioning a default image editor in the program’s settings, you can ensure that all your screenshots are opened using the image editor that you specified in case there is a need to edit it. In addition to that, you can mention the directory in which you wish to save all your screenshots.

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